How the Baby Diary was designed.

I am a mother of the adorable cutie above that works from home (half of the time) with a nanny and granny helping me out. When she was 7 months old I was really busy and had to go in to the office everyday. I was literally spending 5 minutes catching the nanny/granny up in the mornings and arriving home just as they were leaving. I was busy and suffering from mom brain. At the same time Monique was really sick and I needed to take her to the pediatrician. When I did-he asked me if she was eating more or less in the day or night – I had no idea!

In this same very busy week- my husband kept asking me what stimulation Monique had that day- to which I could not answer. I was really just so busy and overwhelmed that I did not have time to ask and remember what games she had played that day.
This is when I began to compile the Baby Diary. Written by a mom for moms.

This diary is the way in which I plan my daughters routines, weekly events, menus and even leave any important information for her caregivers for the day. Now- when the Dr asks is she eating more or less-I can answer in detail with everything she ate as far back as we begun this diary. My husband no longer asks what she learned because we write which developmental tasks my daughter has engaged in each day as well as any achievement for the day down for all to see. We also write weekly goals for her and her caregivers down so that we all know that we are trying to learn to say “Milk” at the moment.

Her caregivers love it because they know exactly what is required of them every day. There are 3 pages full of fun activity ideas, my requests as well as all of her medical and emergency information in the book. Meaning if they can’t get a hold of me or my husband- they have all of our emergency procedures, contact numbers and even all of her medical information including her medical aid details and preferred doctors contact numbers.
We not only feel safer but also get to cherish every moment with her and every achievement.
Be present when life requires you elsewhere!
alicia swanepoel founder of baby diary co

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