Burp cloths that are not only soft but also very thick and absorbent! These beautiful burp cloths are not just a beautiful baby must have but also incredibly protective with their double towelling layers- and the bottom is cotton for extra absorption!

We also do these in all of our themes as well as custom ones too- send us a WhatsApp!


Muted Safari, Lion in Leaves, Floral Rainbow Bunny, Peony Bunny, Peonies on White, Florals and Butterflies, 3 Neutral Bunnies, Pink Floral Farm, Realistic Sheep, Realistic Cow, Dino Pattern Teal and Mustard, Dino Splash in Middle, Aviator Bear Pattern, In the Sky, Planes and Balloons in Navy, Pink Heart Bear, Bear in Clouds, Elephant with Leaves, Adventure Safari, Elephant in Leaves, Eucalyptus Leaves Only


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