Welcome to the wonderful world of Baby Shower in a Box!

Baby Showers are such special events and we know you want yours to be perfect. We have done all of the work to make your Baby Shower unforgettable- in English and Afrikaans and filled with wonderful games and memorabilia!

Baby Showers are no longer required to all be the same and to be boring? Make yours stand out by offering guests fun games and crafts to keep them busy.

This box includes:

1 xNappy Caddy

1 x Marker

1 x Set of Stick It Notes

1 x Pack of Nappies (optional)

1 x Instructions Card to stand on the table

This game is most suited for 1-40 guests, depending on how many want to play and how many messages they write on each nappy. This game is best left ot be played throughout the baby shower as guests get the chance to write something beautiful to encourage mom at middle of the night nappy changes.

This is not only a Baby Shower game but also a custom, hand made gift for baby at the end!


English, Afrikaans


Leaves, Peonies

Nappy Choice

None, Pampers Premium Size 1, Huggies Extra Care Size 1


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