Pink Rainbow Baby Bedding Set


Beautiful Hybrid Cot Sets

The first of their kind! Made with moms in mind!


Beautiful Cot Sets Made by Moms with Moms in Mind!

Our Hybrid Blanket Cot Sets are made with you in mind!

They are made from 100% polyester super soft and stretchy materials!

This has various benefits for you mommy:

  • No need to iron because they hardly crease
  • They are stretchy and can be used to swaddle baby as well as decorate your nursery- although we suggest our double layer blankets for swaddles for pictures as their patterns are made for swaddling!
  • They are super soft to the touch and are warm and snuggly
  • No need to buy a duvet or duvet cover for the cot- this hybrid blanket does it all 🙂 So you save!
  • They do not shrink or fade like cotton does 😉
  • They come backed with white sherpa fleece for softness and warmth but we can also do them in a fluffy fleece for you 🙂
  • We can customise them for you- send us a message 🙂

You get to choose from the drop down menu which items you would like to buy. Anything from just the hybrid blanket to the full set- it’s up to you!


Please allow for a 3 week lead time if we are out of stock or doing something custom for you.

Set Options

Hybrid Blanket Only, Hybrid Blanket and Cot Pillow Case, Hybrid Blanket, Cot Pillow and Pillow Case, Hybrid Blanket, Cot Pillow Case and Scatter Pillow, Hybrid Blanket, Cot Pillow, Cot Pillow Case and Scatter Pillow


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